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Animal Print Babydoll

Show off your wild side this new year with this Animal Print and Sheer Black Mesh Babydoll with halter tie and low back. Comes with matching black g-string panty. Escante Boxed Collection.

One Size Fits Most (Sizes 2 - 14; 90 - 155 lbs.)

Jewelry not included.

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Price:$29.99 Deal Price $19.99



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About Lingerie Deal of the Day


Lingerie Deal of the Day is THE site for daily deals on sexy lingerie! Variety is the Spice of Life - So visit often to find the latest bargain in lingerie including camis, teddies, babydolls, gowns, tangas, g-strings, bras, thongs and sexy underwear. The Deal of the Day in lingerie will be presented for approximately 24 hours or until sold out. Quantities are limited and we sell out fast, so act quickly! All of our Lingerie Deals are Brand New and are from leading lingerie designers. These are not shelf pulls or seconds. Please note that all or most of our items are of an intimate nature. Therefore, they are non-refundable and non-exchangeable according to U.S. law. For those occasional times that an item is not an intimate item, we still have a policy of non-refundable and non-exchangeable in order to keep prices to a minimum. Important Notice! - Lingerie deals may only be purchased if you are at least 18 years old. By using or purchasing from this site, you agree to out terms.


 Lingerie Buying Guide

For those not familiar with lingerie, it can seem confusing when looking for the lingerie deal that is just right. Below is a quick guide to the typical descriptions for lingerie types:

Babydoll - Easily the most popular of lingerie types, the babydoll can be demure, sexy, and playful all at once. Babydolls typically consist of a top that reaches about hip length along with a matching panty or thong. The typically sleeveless top will have a fitted bra that can be either soft cup or shaped, with a looser flowing bodice that reaches about hip length. Babydolls are a flattering choice for all body types and occasions!

Cami Sets - Cami is short for "camisole" and is also another very popular lingerie type. Cami sets are usually stretchy and form fitting, with thin straps and no defined bra cups. A cami set usually includes a cami top and a matching thong, panty or g-string. Camis are flattering for many bodytypes and flexible for many sizes. They are often a good choice if you are not sure of bra size.

Chemise - Similar to a babydoll, a chemise is typically hip-length or maybe slightly longer. Unlike a babydoll, the bra area is not fitted and the entire lingerie is free-flowing. It can be thought to be most similar to a typical "slip". A chemise may or may not include a matching panty or thong, so check the item description. Along with babydolls, chemises are flattering to all body types and can add that touch of glamour and romance.

Minidresses - The term minidress is Often used to describe everything from chemises to short gowns, or other dress-like lingerie that doesn't quite fit into other categories. Minidresses can have different types of sleeves, lengths and styles, but in lingerie they are usually more fitted (and more revealing!) than a typical dress. They do not typically include a thong or panty, but check the description - you might be surprised. Minidresses are also a flattering choice for most body types and can really be seductive and sexy!

Teddy - Teddies are another very popular choice in lingerie. A teddy is very form fitting and can best be compared to a one-piece bathing suit. Styles vary and can range from very racy, very lacy and just plain sexy! The backs of teddies can very revealing with thong backs and strappy designs. Variations of teddies include Monokinis (somewhere between a teddy and a bikini) and crotchless versions. The form fit of the Teddy can enhance many figure types and be flattering for less than perfect figures.

Bustiers and Corsets - Inspired by Victorian-age underwear, bustiers and corsets focus on enhancing the bust and giving that "hourglass" figure. They are typically stiff and maintain their shape through their construction and materials. Some feature lace up backs or hook and eye closures. Bustiers and corsets are romantic and sexy, and can flatter many different types of figures.

Garters - Paired with thigh high stockings, garters are the timeless symbol of sexy. Garters can be attached to another lingerie item like a corset or teddy, where they can either be permanently attached or removable. Garters also can be their own item, that can be attached to another piece of lingerie or in a set that can be worn around the hips.

Bodystockings - Bodystockings are very sexy and extremely flattering for all shapes and sizes. While usually sheer, they give that feeling of being fully dressed but naughty at the same time. They are ideal also for the winter if the fireplace isn't quite heating up the room...Most bodystockings also are crotchless.

Bikini Lingerie - Bikini lingerie is the most revealing of lingerie and includes a bra-like top and a panty or g-string bottom. Bikini sets come in a multitude of colors, styles, materials and themes.

Pasties - Minimal coverage, maximum sexiness. Placed strategically, these lingerie must-haves really accent your assets!

Peekaboo - Indicates that the bra section of the lingerie has an opening in the cup part of the bra. So erotic...

Crotchless - Indicates that the lingerie has an opening in the crotch area. This is often a feature on teddies and bodystockings.


Deal of the Day Sites - You may be wondering, "How do these daily deal sites work? What is a deal of the day?" Lingerie Deal of the Day is a daily deals site that like other deals websites, usually posts one item at a steeply discounted price every day with each day deal running 24 hours. Occasionally, the daily deal websites will run a marathon of great deals online, where each online deal will run until the item sells out, where it will be promptly replaced by the next good deal. For more great daily deals, look for a deal aggregator that will list other one day deal sites. Other variations on the one day deals include deals for one day ebay, one day slick deals, live slick deals, real deal forum, and include deal of the day electronics, among other sites. You can also find great daily bargains in the deal of the day freebie forum.


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